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Designed by DTS Bromsgrove for Hutton Technologies Ltd, Flexipum is an easy to use piece of equipment developed to improve agricultural efficiency in the developing world.

No tools are required to assemble Flexipump and the product is virtually maintenace free. The pump when not in use folds paralell and clips into the base and can be hung ready for the next use. A dirty water filter is supplied as standard for attachment to the imput tube and also has a non-return valve fitted to prevent loss of water pressure through back siphonage.

The pump body and internal parts are produced in UV stabilised Polypropylene Copolymer, while the stand and pump handle are produced in 50% Glass Filled Polyamide.

Flexipump will draw water from up to 6 metres depthand pump up to 100 metres from the water source, with a capacity of up to 1,600 litres per hour, cutting the time necessary to irrigate 1,000 plants by 75%. This therefore gives provision for more crops to be grown, thereby increasing overall yield per farmer significantly.

The Flexipump product was solely designed using Solid Edge ST5. Taking the customers sketches and preliminaryprototype parts and developing them into manufactured items,through various stages of development and rapid prototyping, in order to maximise effiiency and cost effectiveness.

The resultant, translated CAD was used directly by the toolmaker to manufacture 3 high quality nickle chromium steel injection mould tools, necessary to produce the relevant parts. The toolmaker in this case was ATC Mould of Ancona, who also helped to develop the hot plate welding equipment used in the assembly of the Flexipump body. .

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