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Modelling Service

In today’s difficult trading economy, it is essential to ensure that the conceived new product fully complies with specification, conforms to its practical requirements and ‘feels’ right!

A 3D computer model, fully rendered against a strategic backdrop, speaks a thousand words, but it is just a picture! Many hours may have passed to design, develop and create the 3D image and the superb graphics create a great perception of suitability to the client, but you cannot touch it, hold it or try it. For that a model is required.

With the advances in technology, there are many companies offering a plethora of modelling solutions to suit every imaginable need, but which one is right for you? For what purpose do you need your model? To look at and photograph, to handle and test, or to provide sales personnel with a marketing tool to develop new business, or maybe all three and more, the right model is important in the procurement of all new developments. Whether it’s a high rise building complex, a prototype vehicle, a revolutionary new domestic appliance or a simple ‘widget’! The model provides the first ‘real’ conception. It allows a design to be interrogated, rationalised, verified and amended – at an affordable price. Far cheaper than waiting for special tooling to be produced and first off parts manufactured, only to find that there is problem!

Unfortunately, this is a more common experience than is generally admitted and for certain a model does not and cannot resolve all potential challenges. It will however highlight many of them at a far earlier stage during the product procurement, ensuring that necessary changes can be incorporated thereby minimising the risks at later stages.

DTS will provide a comprehensive resource to assist in this stage of the product development, highlighting early in the process the correct model solution for the designated purpose, ensuring that the client is fully briefed and conversant with the available options.

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