DTS Bromsgrove Ltd have a wealth of tooling knowledge, gained from many years of ‘hands-on’ experience working with toolmakers within the UK, mainland Europe, North America and the Far East. Injection moulds ranging in size from less than 1 tonne to bulky monsters of 40 tonnes or more. Whether high precision, high specification parts, or more practical, functional products, all can be accommodated with the same honest, practical and professional response that is afforded to all clients.

DTS Bromsgrove Ltd has its own representives locally in Shenzhen, China, who in turn has a wealth of experieince both locally and beyond to futher enhance service, supply and performance thereby providing all of its clients, greater guarantees of quality, affordable and reliable tooling. DTS Bromsgrove Ltd do not use 'agents' that promise the world and deliver very little, instead opting to deal direct with the toolmakers using skilled, knowledgeable and trustworthy personnel on the ground, resolving issues, ensuring standards are met and above all, supply the product and tooling that the customer expects from a small, but professional company.

Low output quantities do not always rule out injection mould tooling as the prefered manufacturing process! It is a question of balance to achieve the right process for the product, at the right price. As with all manuacturing, there are always more than one way to solve a challenge.

Mould tooling will be designed with the application, manufacturing requirements, client needs and cost parameters, thereby ensuring that the right tooling is available to produce the right product at the right price, utilising a selection of materials to achieve the correct balance between cost and volume. As with our design service, all projects are independantly assessed allowing the most suitable specification for the project to be proposed.

Multi-cavity rotational moulding tools and blow moulding tooling can both be accommodated to provide lower volume, cost-effective solutions, where the design suits. Thermoforming moulds for simple low volume parts, maybe requiring large parts to be produced where other processes are too expensive to consider, still provide a justifiable solution.

Extrusion dies for simple or complex structures, allowing continuous repetitive quality product to be produced to pre-determined lengths in a range of materials, colours and finishing processes.

Whatever tooling specification is used, the same dedicated procurement, reporting and sampling procedures are followed, keeping the client fully updated with project progress, throughout the manufacturing and development process. Customer attended trials are not a probelem, by the contrary they are welcomed as direct interaction at the sampling stages can and does improve communication, restricts any time delays in the decision making process and provides a first hand experience of the overal process.

With all tooling, DTS Bromsgrove Ltd sees it through, from concept to creation…and beyond with full technical support, practical advice and a economical solution, overseen by full project management.

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